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sclc/WOMEN, Inc


sclc/W.O.M.E.N. Inc., has been in the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement for more than four decades. Our founder, Dr. Evelyn Gibson Lowery was the quintessential civil rights wife, woman and warrior. She is fondly remembered as a wise woman of substance, who was shaped by the Movement and motivated by her mate and life partner, Dr. Rev. Joseph Lowery.

Dr. Evelyn Lowery understood the contribution of women in the Movement, while critically important, often went unrecognized and underappreciated. In 1979, Dr. Lowery, passionate about issues impacting women and children, summoned a group of women to her home. From this gathering, sclc/W.O.M.E.N. Inc. was born.

Dr. Lowery was constantly forging new territory for the organization. In 1980 sclc/W.O.M.E.N Inc. hosted the first national conference on the Survival of the Black Family. A national conference for youth was added the following year. On April 4, 1980 sclc/W.O.M.E.N. Inc., held its first Annual Drum Major for Justice Awards Banquet in recognition of those who have been in the forefront of the battle for justice.

In 1987, sclc W.O.M.E.N. Inc., founded the“Original” Evelyn G. Lowery Civil Rights Heritage Tour, an annual two-day motor coach tour throughout the state of Alabama. Recognizing others and ensuring that others never forget their contributions, sclc/W.O.M.E.N. Inc. has erected 13 monuments along the civil rights trail. Never has this tour been more important than now when Black History/American History is under attack by right wing politicians.

Keenly aware of disparaging health issues affecting African-Americans, sclc/W.O.M.E.N. Inc., saw the need to address the impact of HIV/AIDS in African American communities. In addition to holding conferences to educate African-Americans on HIV/AIDS, sclc/W.O.M.E.N, Inc. spearheaded the development of sermons, litanies, and other materials and resources for the religious community. In partnership with the Southern Quilt Initiative under the National AIDS Memorial Quilt, sclc/W.O.M.E.N Inc. became the headquarters for the HIV/AIDS Program in the city of Atlanta Georgia.

Always sensitive to the concerns of women, children, families and the disenfranchised, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religion, our founder was constantly adding to the scope of sclc/W.O.M.E.N, Inc. as demonstrated by the creation of Pampering For Peace addressing the issues of domestic violence and single parenting. Our youth programs, the Empowerment Training Center providing leadership development, civics/voting education and GED/computer training, and Bridging The Gap, a youth to adult mentoring program. These programs spanned all ages from school aged children to the elderly and are still in existence to this day.

The Board of Directors, staff, members, volunteers and supporters of sclc/W.O.M.E.N., Inc. are motivated by the essence of goodwill of our activists and leaders within our community as we strive to uplift and build on the life and legacy of Dr. Evelyn Gibson Lowery, an unsung Sheroe of the Civil Rights Movement.



Through the kind generosity of the companies below, we are able to change lives across this nation. 

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